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Legislation Update

It's the repeating criminal, not the repeating rifle!

Liberal legislators have declared war on law-abiding gun owners. Gun laws routinely result in the confiscation of property and prosecution and incarceration of law-abiding citizens for non-violent administrative violations. Proposed legislation is even worse.

This isn't about controlling crime; it's about controlling law-abiding Americans and dismantling the 2nd Amendment! Crime is merely the excuse. Laws that regulate, prohibit, outlaw, register and control firearms are aimed at the law abiding citizen; criminals, by definition, break these laws.

Liberals are after YOU, not the criminal! Given a choice, they much prefer to track law abiding gun owners instead of violent offenders on parol. Their goal is to prevent private gun ownership, not crime and the end justifies the means. Get involved. Read the legislation. Call and write to your elected officials. Tell them it's the repeating criminal, not the repeating rifle!



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One last thing- Call your legislator!
Tell them it's the repeating Criminal, and not the repeating Firearm!